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Swedish Massage

(45, 60, 75, & 90-Min Sessions)

If you’re needing stress relief or some organic relaxation, then treat yourself to a classic Swedish massage. Soothing and relaxing strokes guiding blood flow back to the heart.  Swedish massage improves circulation, overall flexibility, and emotional well-being.

Swedish massage can also incorporate Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).


45-Min Session $65

60-Min Session $80

75-Min Session $95

90-Min Session $110

Prenatal Massage

(60, 75, & 90 Minute Sessions)

Massage is beneficial at any phase of pregnancy as mother-to-be and her body undergo dramatic changes. Prenatal massage enhances muscle and joint function helps with physical fatigue and mental restoration.

We also offer a comfortable prenatal cushion that allows mom-to-be to lie comfortably in the prone position for a portion of the treatment.


60-Min Session $90

75-Min Session $105

90-Min Session $120

The Ultimate Back Massage

(45 & 60-Minute Sessions)

Indulge in the ultimate back massage working everything from the scalp, neck, shoulders, all of the back, and glute/hip muscles (optional), along with some upper hamstring work.

This treatment includes hot stones on the back and is perfect for anyone who wants their back/posterior muscles as the focus.


45-Min Session $75

60-Min Session $90

Sports/CBD Massage

(60, 75, & 90-Minute Sessions)

Sports massage helps with injury prevention (and heeling) while preparing muscles for optimal performance by incorporating Active Stretching and Deep Tissue.  This treatments includes TWO 1.7oz pkts of CBD Clinic Level 5 CBD.


60-Min S/CBD Massage $90

75-Min S/CBD Massage $105

90-Min S/CBD Massage $120

Deep Tissue Massage

(60-Minute Session)

Deep Tissue work is done per request for clients wanting some much-needed muscle work.  Slow and specific strokes and pressure is applied to problem areas where the muscles are in most need of tension relief.

60-Min Deep Tissue + $25

Express Massage

(30-Minute Session)

30 minutes of massage in the area where you need the most relief.  This treatment includes one hot towel.


Contact us directly to book this service.


30-Min $50

Gemini Massage Prices & Session Times...

We offer four different session times: 45-Min, 60-Min, 75-Min, & 90-Min. Whether you're looking for Relaxation, MLD, Prenatal, Sports Massage or Deep Tissue, each session is customized to your needs and preferences.

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45 minutes
(1 hot towel)


60 minutes
(2 hot towels)


75 minutes
(2 hot towels)


90 minutes
(2 hot towels)


Additional items that can be added to your massage package

Arbonne Aroma Therapy

Promotes overall well mental, spiritual, and emotional well being. We offer a variety of aromas: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Peppermint, and Coconut.


Biofreeze & Prossag Duo

A cooling topical analgesic containing menthol soothing
local muscle and joint pain followed by a warming therapy ointment that is ideal for massaging targeted areas of more pain and tension for specific soft tissue therapy.


CBD Massage Ointment

TWO 1.7oz travel size packets of CBD Clinic Level 5 Sport CBD ointment that provides effective pain relief helping to restore range of motion and mobility. Packets may also be taken To Go! (ONE pkt is also available for purchase $7).


Sweet Feet Sugar Foot Scrub

Mineral-rich salt crystals polish away loose skin cells, renewing and moisturizing the skin on your feet. Also includes two hot towels for your feet (Complimented by Aveda’s Beautifying Radiance Polish).


Hot/Cold Stones

Several medium and large hot stones applied to the back and upper body. Hot/Cold stone massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation, alleviating stress and muscle pain, improves circulation, releases toxins, and improving overall mental well-being. Choose Hot, Cold, or Both--Hot & Cold.


30-Min Foot Reflexology

Upgrade any treatment with an additional 30 minutes spent on the FEET! Focusing on all 36 different pressure points as a form of zone therapy. Typically done with little to no product and stagnant pressure. Note, Reflexology is different from a general foot massage.